Dear New World Encyclopedia reader.

Welcome to the Values Forum of the New World Encyclopedia.

This forum exists to debate and advance that part of the NWE vision and mission that relates to the re-integration of fact and value on a more universal plane than pre-modern systems.

The forum exists to carry forward the Vision of NWE in the arena of opinion, commentary, and wholesome debate.

NWE welcomes all readers to contribute to the Values Forum of the New World Encyclopedia.  It is your forum. Likewise, vigorous conversation and debate is encouraged.

Quality standards for contributors

In keeping with the editorial ideal of NWE, the Values Forum is refereed by qualified editors and project administrators.

This oversight is not for the most part related to philosophical, ideological, or other content related aspects of your contibution. It is only to be sure that your contribution meets scholarly standards, and carries the tone of respect reflecting New World Encyclopedia commitments and reputation.

If you are posting original writing, scholarly citation is not a requirement, but it is welcome if you feel it helps what you want to say. NWE articles make for excellent, ready-reference citations when looking for notes to support your opinion. Over time Encyclopedia and forum articles will be linked so that your forum article may be researched by encyclopedia readers.

Publishing and debate structure

Once you register, you may post articles, essays, and commentary.

Each article author is responsible to monitor the discussion and debate on his or her own entries.  You want to be sure  your article and discussion is not “spammed” or dominated by inappropriate entries. The forum editor and NWE administration are always available to help you with any difficulties, and we will keep an eye out, and contact you if we happen to spot trouble.

As article author, not only are you free to modify your article, but actually are encouraged to do so, whenever debate and discussion helps you improve, fine tune, or modify your original positions. If dialogue and debate in the comment section is sufficiently constructive, it can help the original author refine her or his original understanding and position on the issues at hand. This makes forum articles  “living documents,” improving and advancing the cause and mission of the forum and NWE.


Please be sure to include a small abstract at the beginning of each article you post.  In it, please explain overtly and explicitly the values related issues you introduce in your post.

Articles and contributions are not only about the “is-ought” debate. They are not required by any means to be ideological and philosophical in nature. Articles can be about any topic. All subject matter is welcome. One simply needs to include in the abstract explanations that help readers anticipate the values issues raised and addressed in your contribution.


Please feel welcome and feel free.

We encourage the free expression of opinions and positions.  But note, our orientation is toward learning and growing, not not toward espousing ideologies, and winning arguments. We all have views about right and wrong, but the goal of this forum is enlightenment, not indoctrination or argumentation.

We insist upon an environment of eminent respect and support for one another. We can vigorously disagree while embracing not just the democratic right of the other to hold opposing views but more than that, we recognize our conversation partners as fellow travelers on the path to shared understanding. We eschew acrimony, but we desire open and honest differences of opinion, not so that we can sharpen our own arguments, but so that we can learn from one another.

Our fondest wish is to create a community of contributors who can collaborate in the most pressing task that humanity faces; discovering and affirming values that will help us create a unified world of peace. We praise and encourage humility, sincerity, and an orientation toward learning, improvement, and collaboration. The editors and administration are not here to “oversee” so much as to help and support.

There is no limit to how much any one person can contribute, both in the creation of new articles and on the discussion pages of colleagues.

Thank you for being here. I hope we can make a difference.

Frank Kaufmann

Editor in Chief

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