Poor Direction for USAID

This article critiques new directions for the US government agency USAID guided by Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the Obama administration.

In director Rajiv Shah’s recent policy speech, he indicates that the mission of genuine care and upliftment has been subsumed under the more dominant force of national self-interest, and further brought under the military . . . → Read More: Poor Direction for USAID

Why Election Processes Need Improvement

Societies need leaders that have the support of the people; they also need leaders with skills who are not beholden to financial interests or back-room promises. Current methods of electing and appointing leaders fail to do this. Elected officials tend to be more beholden to campaign donors than citizens, and tend to be better followers . . . → Read More: Why Election Processes Need Improvement

The Presumption of Reason

In this address, perhaps the last paper he wrote, Professor Hayek elaborates on the relationship between the evolution of the moral order and evolution of reason, arguing that the latter is dependent on the former, and that rationalists, like Marx and others, who try to construct a social order based on reason (just a small . . . → Read More: The Presumption of Reason

Continued problems in US foreign policy


Even a tiny request designed to create greater balance in US foreign policy is not fully granted by Congress, and not in the budget signed by President Obama

Robert Gates served as United States Secretary of Defense from November, 2006 (replacing Donald Rumsfeld) until April, 2011 (replaced by Leon Panetta). At his retirement ceremony . . . → Read More: Continued problems in US foreign policy

Re-Valuing: A Way Through Illusions


Abstract: The values of thrift and self-reliance are deeply etched into the history and memory of America’s pioneers. Today we see them returning with a vengeance in the groundswell called the Tea Party, and reshaping the political landscape. Yet in this dramatic process, much is not as it seems. Not appearances or rhetoric but . . . → Read More: Re-Valuing: A Way Through Illusions

Why Christians should not want the Government to Define Marriage

Social Conservatives want a Constitutional Amendment to Define Marriage

Social conservatives have been put on the defensive by gay activists who have been getting laws passed that support homosexual marriages. They have reacted by promoting laws and constitutional amendments in the states and the federal government that would define marriage as a union of . . . → Read More: Why Christians should not want the Government to Define Marriage

Private lives, public responsibility

Today’s New York Times (May 16, 2011) carries an important conversation entitled, Questions Raised About a Code of Silence about the French journalistic habit of protecting the private lives, especially the sexual lives of elected and other public figures.

These reflections come in the wake of the attempted rape (among other charges) leveled against IMF . . . → Read More: Private lives, public responsibility

On democracy and free elections

Democracy cannot exist only as a slogan. Is constituent elements, and the entirety of the process must be considered in demands for “democracy,” and in efforts to bring stable democratic conditions to obtain.

. . . → Read More: On democracy and free elections