Lent, Pagans, and the Cycles of Life

This article examines the ideal of mutual respect, even appreciation among believers and people of conscience

Lent is a widely practiced time of reflection, repentance and renewal. Yet some Christians believe its observance is wrong.


Ritual develops habits that can lift us to greatness

Jonathan Sacks in the Times of London (July 22, 2011) posts an article inquiring into elements that create greatness.

What makes a champion? Is it down to hard work and repeated practice? There has been a splendid spate of books recently, from Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers to Matthew Syed’s Bounce, on what makes great people great. . . . → Read More: Ritual develops habits that can lift us to greatness

Fact and Value Revisited

The modernism which shaped the culture of the twentieth century can be traced to the philosophy of G.E. Moore, with its characteristic separation of fact and value. This already assumes a separation of subject and object, so loosing both the conditions of freedom and the mind’s way to reality.

As the rising star of philosophy . . . → Read More: Fact and Value Revisited

Why Christians should not want the Government to Define Marriage

Social Conservatives want a Constitutional Amendment to Define Marriage

Social conservatives have been put on the defensive by gay activists who have been getting laws passed that support homosexual marriages. They have reacted by promoting laws and constitutional amendments in the states and the federal government that would define marriage as a union of . . . → Read More: Why Christians should not want the Government to Define Marriage

Reports from Sendai, Japan

Praise to Ode Magazine, that bylines itself as “The online community for intelligent optimists.” to me, a very hard niche to carve out and hold interest. So many of us intuit the need for media reform, but many, including me, I’m afraid persist as “non-reformers” in my impulses, habits, and consumption.

For this reason the . . . → Read More: Reports from Sendai, Japan

Rejection of truth by scholars

Abstract: In the following piece, contributor Mitchell40 posits the view that Jesus of Nazareth deliberately gathered disciples from a mix of educational backgrounds. Mitchell40 recommends that the fishermen, though lacking formal education, had an innate grasp of nature and truth through their work and their lives, and that this provided a good dialogical counter point . . . → Read More: Rejection of truth by scholars

Materialism and genetics

Abstract: Advances in genetic science is one of the most exciting developments of our time. There arises from this great hope to cure many crippling maladies whose quiddities have eluded us so far. But, so long as these advances occur in an environment of scientism and materialist reductionism, progress in the study of genetics will . . . → Read More: Materialism and genetics

Church attendance drops for the working class

The Enlightenment has created the basis for an explosion of knowledge, but when it comes to religion its bias toward privileging rationalist, materialist explanations too often leads to the kind of analysis that reconfirms the materialist biases of the analysis rather than comprehending the beliefs and practices of the religious adherents. . . . → Read More: Church attendance drops for the working class