The Presumption of Reason

In this address, perhaps the last paper he wrote, Professor Hayek elaborates on the relationship between the evolution of the moral order and evolution of reason, arguing that the latter is dependent on the former, and that rationalists, like Marx and others, who try to construct a social order based on reason (just a small . . . → Read More: The Presumption of Reason

Materialism and genetics

Abstract: Advances in genetic science is one of the most exciting developments of our time. There arises from this great hope to cure many crippling maladies whose quiddities have eluded us so far. But, so long as these advances occur in an environment of scientism and materialist reductionism, progress in the study of genetics will . . . → Read More: Materialism and genetics

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design is a challenge both to the traditional Biblical doctrine of Creation that is inconsistent with scientific observation and logic. However, it is also a challenge to atheists who hold a doctrine of random creation based on an an irrational faith created as an opposite of the Creation view. Intelligent design is a challenge . . . → Read More: Intelligent Design