Interpol worried about spike in extremist websites

Abstract: The role and mission of NWE, VKF and related efforts often are misunderstood to be primarily scholarly or academic in nature.  But nothing could be farther from true.

The centuries old investment to make information  “value neutral” has created two deadly vacuums in the body politic.  1. Our natural and innate structure of being longs for values.  Their persistent absence causes a thirst that results in a voracious consumption of  false, even violent value systems.  2. Modern people are not trained in how to assess values.  As a result, great numbers of people become easy prey for extremist ideologies.

We read time and time again that members of sleeper cells are “highly educated.”  They are doctors, lawyers, chemists, engineers, and seemingly “fully acculturated” in countries they eventually attack, often in the most heinous ways.

This bewilderment is telling, and in a way proof that we have come to a point that we do not accurately describe “educated” persons.  We imagine that simply because they have commanded some external body of knowledge, like pharmacology, that they should be “educated enough” to “know better.”

But the fact is that they do NOT “know better.”  How can that be?  It is because what they should know, namely values that genuinely humanize and elevate students and professionals, has been stripped from education.  The materialism rampant in medical, journalistic, and economic studies, leaves practitioners with a complete void in their “evaluation” capacities.  They lack the capacity to recognize the sanctity of innocents, the preference for engagement and evolutionary progress, and other assumptions that used to be the tools of even the common person.

The problems described in the article below cannot be addressed by “greater security.”  It can be addressed only by creating an increasingly “values literate” society.

Here are some parts of the article that raises these very important alarms and warnings:

The Associated Press: Interpol worried about spike in extremist websites.

PARIS — The chief of Interpol says the “skyrocketing” number of extremist websites is making it easier for terrorists to recruit middle class youth around the world.

Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble says terrorist recruiters are exploiting the Web to target vulnerable young people who are “not on the radar of law enforcement.”

He says fighting this kind of terrorist recruitment is especially difficult because viewing websites is not necessarily criminal.

Noble said the number of extremist websites tracked by police was 12 in 1998 and 4,500 in 2006.

He spoke Tuesday at a closed-door conference of world police chiefs in Paris. Interpol released his comments in a statement.

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  • Gordon Anderson

    This is a sign that values relativism has matured. Authorities and police need to know what is right and wrong, and they should be in a position to serve citizens, keep order, and provide calm because they are strong and courageous. However, many recent events portray authorities as motivated by fear, resorting to overwhelming force (a sign of fear), and more concern about the safety of the police than the people. Gone are the days of the bobby with a nightstick.

    Authorities that use labels like “extremist” and “terrorist” are using such language to depersonalize others, as a means of justifying the use of force against them. They divide the “good” from the “evil” with such labels, hastening social breakdown and causing the marginalized people to distrust them further. People are are often driven to extreme measures when genuine human problems are ignored or exacerbated by authorities.

    If you think about the family, the basic social unit, the authority figures–the parents–do not consider their children to be terrorists or extremists when they disobey rules. The breakdown of family authority leads to the breakdown of social authority when the children of dysfunctional and broken families grow up and inherit positions of social responsibility in institutions like the FBI and Interpol that should reveal bravery and restraint.

    The raid on the Branch Davidians by the BATF was the result of fear and rumors and was an exercise in overwhelming power based on fear and mistrust–not an example of compassion for every citizen, or “Innocent until proven guilty.” However, the result was to alienate the BATF from the average person with a compassion for all citizens, and a belief in their inalienable rights. It inspired Timothy McVeigh to retaliate with an act of terrorism. The break in of the Florida home of Elian Gonzalez’ uncle with raw force by the FBI and the deportation back to Cuba was another example of heartless bureaucracy and politics without principles. If further alienated Americans from the FBI. Then, police posing as drug dealers, prostitutes and other criminals to entrap people, even perhaps tempt the innocent, earn them not kudos from upright men and women.

    The 11 percent approval rating of Congress is the result of raw power, money and horsetrading without values. We witness the inability of government to function without values. Yet, replacing existing leaders with another election does not change the culture without values that raised the replacements. We cannot expect a solution by replacing elected officials. A return to proven principles of governance in a reformed political process is required. And, a reduction in “police” that wear armor, drive tanks, and kill by remote controlled aircraft is necessary if so-called “extremism” is to be countered.

    Shutting down open discussion on the internet will not help the cause of creating social control and order. It only reveals the fear of those who are supposed to support principles of free speech.

    We are witnessing an era when laws are passed that are not moral. ENRON’s collapse was not based on disobedience of laws; much of the immoral behavior was legal. The government loan guarantees that caused a housing collapse were legal but not moral. Hedge funds that sell short are not illegal, but immoral.

    In an era devoid of values in society, people use social institutions to get what they can for themselves, and the institutions themselves become devoid of integrity. This must be changed. The discussion of values cannot be left to marginalized churches or ivory towers. Values and principles must be brought to our social institutions or those institutions will continue to create chaos rather than order, and “extremists” rather than citizens.

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